What we offer


Over the last two years, Design Jungle has moved more into creating high-quality web applications made to client specification. More and more hosting companies are now providing ways for non-web developers to design their own websites, but this can have a host of limitations. "WYSIWYG" packages (where a client can design their own website on a "what you see is what you get" interface) are usually more expensive, often 5 times more per month than hosting a ready built site. Therefore having a site commissioned by someone such as us, can work out the same price if not cheaper over time, plus we will guide you and get you the best hosting packages to suit your needs.

By having your site custom built, we can make sure it matches your company brand, and are happy to listen to what you need from the site, offering advice where needed. We will also design your site so it is fully optimized to be search engine friendly, and allows your customers to navigate through the site with ease.

We are happy to participate in ongoing maintenance of websites, but if you would rather do this yourself, for reasons of cost etc., then we can build the site in such a way that you can make your own alterations whenever you need, and will explain an show you how to do this.

Links to websites we have already built can be found here.


Design Jungle has good experience with producing brochures, mailers/flyers and booklets to customers specifications. If you are not sure of the best format in which to produce your printed material, we are happy to advise you. We are also happy to suggest printers, or shop around on your behalf, and supply them with the required digital files so all you have to do is wait until the ink is dry.


If your company has a tired looking image that is in need of a re-vamp, then Design Jungle can help design a new look that tailors to your needs. Examples of company branding can be seen in the portfolio section, but the final designs are usually very specific to what image your company is trying to sell and something that will stay in a potential customers mind.


What goes into designing advertising and promotional material can often be under-estimated. Designs that do their job well are often the result of careful planning, based on tried and tested advertising formulas. Design Jungle can advise you in this way, and prevent you from wasting money on valuable advertising space. See our portfolio for examples of successful adverts.


Maybe you have an old photograph that needs restoring, a wedding photo spoilt by an unsightly object or an image for your company brochure that needs a product airbrushing into it. Whatever it is you might be surprised by what we can do - there are a couple of examples in the portfolio section of this website - image manipulation. Don't hesitate to call and see if it's something we can help you with.


We have an artist that specialises in digital illustration (see the portfolio). If you need illustrations for a printed or web-based product, please contact us to see if we can help.